“Laura has the skills to listen deeply, zero in on the areas in which you are stuck in your business and help you see not only what the issues are, but what to do next. She is very creative, intuitive, and appreciates the complexities of the forces that operate on us when we are trying to make business decisions. In addition she can help make sure you are integrating your personal integrity and authentic selves into your work. I highly recommend her as a coach!”

-Darcy G. Richards, REALTOR at REMAX® Results

“Laura’s approach embodies the true essence of coaching. It only took a session or two with Laura to unlock my passion and give me courage to move in a new direction. Her consultative approach enabled me to explore what was important in my life and the untapped skills that would support me as I navigate through unchartered territory. Laura did not tell me what to do, she enabled me to define my own path and then travel that road with a new sense of purpose and direction.”

-Cheryl Johnson, Owner at Read, Write, Learn Technology, Inc.

“I was provided the gift of eight coaching sessions through my employer with Laura Sharon, which I believe have effected substantive change both in my daily work life as well as providing new visions towards my retirement within a couple of years. Laura was able to use her analytical and coaching mindset as a framework for effectively understanding what I brought to my current day challenges while keeping our work focused in the present and future. She paid exquisite attention during our discussions, asked probing questions, not shying away from difficult topics and came up with thunderbolt insights. I remain eternally grateful to her for the wisdom, sense of humor, and warmth that she brought to each meeting.”

-Public Health Advisor

“Laura’s wit and wisdom helped me to find inner strength and resilience to come to terms with the issues I was facing at work and in my career. She provided resources, tools, and insight that helped me to navigate difficult situations and stay true to myself during the process. I highly recommend her for her listening skills, her empathy, and her ability to gently challenge you to be the best version of yourself possible, at work and beyond.”

-Public Health Advisor, HHS

“Living a life of authenticity is not an easy task. Just ask those respected researchers into theories on authentic leadership after a colleague torpedoed their publications with questionable research. Authenticity takes commitment to what’s important to you and developing your own vision that manifests in goals, approaches, thought processes and, most importantly, action.

Maturing and pursuing a career finds many of us slowly give up pieces of ourselves. Our Pink Floyd t-shirts are relegated to weekend wear. Our righteous causes are held in check, at times, given the audiences in our immediate surroundings. That isn’t to say we are inauthentic in these evolutions. But often we oscillate so much between various vague and opaque presentations of ourselves we can poison our relationships as resentment or mistrust breeds in those relationships where we cannot show up our happiest, best self.

It’s with a growing anxiety of my own path that I approached Laura. “How does this work? What kind of tools are out there? What’s the measure? How will I know?” I inundated her with doubt – my own and that I collected from published research. She countered, not just with opposing argument but with practical process to integrate into a daily routine. Resetting my chosen thinking processes resulted in expanding my perspective. This was not just in a given work context but this helped to reshape how I approach my anxieties and it has been a tremendous productivity enhancer, allowing me to frankly be more present – at work, with family, and in the world.

While I didn’t imagine being where I am when I began my conversation with Laura, I can assure you I can’t imagine not being here now. My life, professionally and personally are forever touched by the year we spent over caramel macchiatos and teas. She signed up for six months but stuck it out until the process was complete. Because authenticity is manifest in commitment. My time with Laura felt like too much self-reflection at first. Until I realized how much value I put into what the wrong people thought of me or my work. My time with Laura helped me to be present most importantly with myself. Today I’m much more comfortable listening to my internal mechanisms and not ignoring those flashing lights just because they’ve been there a while. I encourage you to engage Laura’s help in surveying your own dashboard, landscape, and roadmap.

Cheers to your future success with Laura! May the journey be bountiful!”

-A.F. Darlington, Human Capital Programs Architect, Springboard International