The Gifts of Imperfection™

Release Perfectionism. Blaze a New Path.


Brené says perfectionism – or worrying about what other people will think – often drives us. Yet when we live with perfectionism, we live with shame and feeling that we are not worthy. And, without even realizing it, we unconsciously wear a “20-ton shield” as protection. When we are weighed down or covered up, we hide our true value and contributions.

So, what can we do? We must develop super-powers: the strength to let perfectionism go and cultivate new ways of being. This hands-on workshop, based on Brené Brown’s groundbreaking research and facilitated by Laura Sharon, offers practical tools and strategies for blazing a new path guided by our deep desire for wholehearted living.

The Gifts of Imperfection Participants Are Saying….

“Laura Sharon is the kindest, wisest, and one of the most spiritual persons I have had the grace to know. When I heard she was doing this [workshop], I immediately signed up. She didn’t disappoint. She has a way of teaching that focuses on the student learning things for themselves. She gives the right amount of space for discovery, is thoughtful and genuine. The group blended really well and the exercises and the book were great compliments. I highly recommend this for those open to Brené’s quest for whole hearted living.” — Joy R.

“This course was enriching to me in so many ways, with Laura Sharon’s sensitive and mindful guidance a key and essential element in its effectiveness.” Pat H.

“A powerful experience of self-discovery despite being virtual, an opportunity to experience self-authenticity, in an organized process of unfolding personal truths.” –Roz B.

“Laura Sharon is an amazing facilitator. She was able to take the program and expand it into opportunities for connection and personal growth.”

“Laura Sharon lives what she teaches–compassion, authenticity and acceptance. She shows up with a whole-heart and make space for whatever needs to be tended to in the group. Her generous and kind spirit encourages others to show up as they are cultivating a safe space to show up with vulnerability and courage.” –Corinne C.

“Laura Sharon, you have been an amazing facilitator for this group and I thank you for offering this opportunity to us.”

“Laura Sharon is the perfect person to conduct this learning group. She is the true definition of resilience, compassion and courage. Thank you for giving me the courage to DIG.” –Samantha L.