Rising Strong™

Own Your Story. Write the Ending.

Explore some of Brené’s most important work on vulnerability and bravery. The physics of vulnerability are simple: If we are brave enough, often enough, we will fall. That’s because when we take risks, we inevitably experience disappointment, hurt, failure and heartbreak.  Rising Strong™ is a hands-on workshop, based on Brené Brown’s groundbreaking research, that offers practical tools and strategies that you can use to get back up after a “fall,” own your story, and write a daring new ending.

“Being open and willing to do the work, after two days, gave me the skills to make changes. These two days were a gift to myself to make myself better.”

“This workshop is a huge blessing in my life. It came at the exact time that I needed it and was ultimately ready for it in terms of embracing the resulting growth that comes from it. Laura Sharon was and is the most incredible facilitator, and I can honestly say that the profound growth, learning, and transformation that has come from this workshop is in large part due to Laura’s gift for this type of work.” 

Ready to live a more courageous life? 

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