Amazing Data

I love data.

Data reveal themes and trends. Data provide insight and understanding. And, always, data tell a story.

So, how about stories? What meaning and significance do stories have?  The universe is full of people, and each and every one of us has many, many stories to tell. A lifetime of them. Whether we are young or old, our collective stories are full of amazing data. And, as Brene Brown says, maybe Stories are Data with a Soul. Now THAT is a powerful notion.

Think about how much data can be mined, and how much understanding and insight can come from just sharing our stories. Our life experiences translate into stories that are data-rich.  They are what give life so much meaning. And yet, we often are too busy or in too much of a hurry to listen — and I mean really listen — to the myriad stories that are within ear shot through our circle of loved ones.

This weekend, ask someone you know a question about their life, and just listen to what their soul-full-of-data can teach you. There is so much to be learned. So get started by diving into all the amazing data that surrounds you.


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