It’s All About Relationships…

Whether standing in line to purchase something at a store, attempting to communicate with others, or getting things done at work, the outcomes we experience reflect the quality of our interactions with others. So, next time things don’t seem to go the way you want, ask yourself: was I kind? courteous? patient? understanding? compassionate? Am I being the change I wish to see in the world? What would it take to bring your best self; your most fair and tolerant self; your most kind and courteous self; your most compassionate self to each and every interaction?

Try it, and watch what happens.

5 thoughts on “It’s All About Relationships…

  1. Everything you said hits dead center. My problem is that, unfortunately, I allow myself to be too impatient or too self-centered to listen to how I know I should handle myself. I’m probably about 50-50 in those situations.

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